Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Fever!

Hello everyone! I know I said that my schedule is crazy and I might not have much time for blog posting, but surely I have time for a tiny post to announce that SPRING is coming! The icicles are dripping, the dooryard is fast becoming mud, each snowfall lasts a shorter time than the last one, the ice is slipping away (ha ha), and spring fever is becoming an epidemic! The birds are singing, the dogs are misbehaving, and I am overcome by fidgets.

The first signs of spring fever began while I was dutifully studying an online course for work, feeling more and more like a glob as I pinched the threatening abdominal fat that the module described. There were rather too many excess calories demanding to be expended, and my muscles began to be restless. The symptoms multiplied when I went out to the greenhouse with Grammy and dug my fingers in the dirt, and smelled that wonderful aroma of soil warming in the sunlight. Spring fever exploded into full manifestation when I got out into the glorious, dazzling sunlight with my snowshoes (actually, my dear aunt's snowshoes :), and proceeded trekking up and down a hill to burn off something or other. That vigorous exercise soon confirmed my globular status, and I decided to take a break in the midst of my self-prescribed 10 laps, and head further up the hill to a spot with a nicer view.

The snow there has been carved by the wind coming over the crest of the hill; I can't decide if it looks more like the ripples left by receding waves, or growth rings in a tree. Maybe later in the day, when the light isn't so dazzling, I can get a picture to post on here. There was a patch of ground left mostly bare, and after looking at it for a little while and deliberating, I unsnapped my snowshoes and sprawled out on the earth, which was moist but not as cold as I expected. It was splendid to lay there in the sunshine and realize that the warmth of the sun overcame the cold of the air.

But it is still only February, and eventually the moistness began to lose its novelty, and I got up to finish my laps on the hillside and head in for more studying, denying yet another symptom of spring fever, the desire to climb one of the maple trees at the bottom of the hill. That will have to wait. After all, I am a busy girl. But I hope none of us are too busy to enjoy the spring that is just barely around the corner. It's too good to miss!

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