Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My apologies that there have been so few pictures lately...the fact is, I've found that the beauty of springtime is rather hard to catch in a picture. The colors are faded and the snow makes lighting tricky...I have a long way to go in my photography skills! However, here are several pictures from the last couple weeks.

Our very own mountain view. =)

The Most Photographed Piece of Junk Equipment! (hint: you've seen it before =)

A study in heat absorption

Heading for the Connecticut River!

A calla lilly given to my grandmother--only the Lord could design such graceful beauty!

Taken from where I was laying in the grass, dozing in the sunshine. I happened to look up, and the contrast of white and blue caught my eye. Doesn't the tree trunk look like an upside-down bolt of lightening? (or did I just get a little too much sun? =)


  1. Haha, that does look like an upside-down lighting bolt!

  2. Rachel, you have some really nice pictures here. I really like them. That first one looks really neat.