Monday, April 6, 2009

Springtime Scenery

A few more miscellaneous pictures that I've taken lately. Yesterday the clouds were moving quickly, creating interesting lighting and shadows.
Robbie the cow dog was in the right place at the right time. :)

Isn't the background interesting in this picture? It's the reflection of the clouds and sky in the rippling pond.

The two things that mar the reflection in a pond are debris and interesting analogy for us who are believers in the Lord Jesus, seeking to reflect the beauty of Christ in our lives. Reminds me of a verse from one of my favorite poems:
"Be all at rest, my soul, O blessed secret,
Of the true life that glorifies thy Lord;
Not always doth the busiest soul best serve Him,
But he that resteth on His faithful Word.
Be all at rest, let not your heart be rippled,
For tiny wavelets mar the image fair,
Which the still pool reflects of heaven's glory--
And thus the image He would have thee bear."
~Freda Hanbury Allen

I took this the other morning; it's a sign of spring when only the highest places are frosty!

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