Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catch up!

Hello everybody! Now that I finally have a blog, there's a lot of stuff from the last few months that I'd like to put up. So enjoy the summertime posts while you toast yourself by the woodstove and watch the snow fall! I don't know how frequently this will be updated; it all depends on how much time I have for tramping around with my camera. And if the abundance of adjectives and descriptive devices drives you crazy, I'm sorry...but then, maybe I'm not. After all, there's really no words that are adequate to describe some of the beauty that's around us. My prayer is that as we all enjoy God's splendid creation, we'll be inspired to get to know Him better, through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, creation just gives a glimpse of God's character, while the Lord Jesus is "the radiance of His glory, and the exact representation of His nature." (Hebrews 1:3).

A note about the title of the you probably guessed, it is from the verse that's on the sidebar of the blog, Psalm 65:8. That Psalm has a wonderful description of how God blesses His creation, and it speaks in two places of His creation shouting for joy. From dawn right through the day until sunset, His handiwork shouts out His praise. And don't you think it would do us good to take a lesson from Creation, and let out a good shout of joy every so often? We sure have a lot to rejoice about!

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