Monday, January 12, 2009


Friday, June 27, 2008
Got out for a nice walk/run this morning. It was very foggy, such that when I was out in the field the only sign of man’s presence was the wheel-ruts I was walking in. Everything else, except the dew-laden grass and buttercups and dandelions, the trees and hedges emerging from the fog, and the birds singing and swooping about, was grayed out. I felt really and truly alone, with so many of the distractions taken away. I think that must be how Moses felt out in the desert. As the clamor in my heart started to subside, it was good to know the Lord’s presence with me, and to be able to think about Who He is and what He has done, and His heart toward me. I went twice the distance that I sometimes go, just because it was so good to be alone there. As I started to come back, the sun began to appear. First it was so faint that I could look straight at its disc, without squinting. Soon, it was too bright for that, but still the fog was thick, so I was still alone. When I came back, I got my camera and tried to get some pictures of the buttercups in the dewy grass. Everything was so laden with moisture. Even the hairs on my arms were silvery with the mist, and when I blinked my eyes hard, I could feel the wetness on my eyelashes.

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