Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 12

Day 12 was a very busy day in the kitchen. But in the mid-afternoon, when I was waiting for a batch of soup to finish simmering, I went outside to capture a wee bit of the glorious day!

I found a sunny patch on the deck and lay down to soak in as much sun as possible in the short time that I had. As I lay there, I thought that there must be few sensations as delightful as sunshine on your skin—especially after a winter of cold and clouds and snow. It seems to me that people who live in places where it is perpetually sunny, can never really gain a true appreciation of sunshine—it’s warmth, it’s cheeriness, it’s soft welcome to the outdoors (I suppose that people like myself also don’t properly appreciate clouds and rain). All winter, the weather has been something that we had to protect ourselves from, bundling up against the wind and cold air, trying to keep dry from the snow and wetness. The sunshine instantly makes the world a far friendlier place.

I only was outdoors for fifteen minutes or so, but it was a beautiful moment that stayed with me through the day—the rushing sound of a distant brook, the indefinable smell of spring emanating from the thawing ground, and the warmth of the sunshine that called the whole beautiful scene into life.

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