Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 13

I have a beautiful family! Oh, we’re not much to look at necessarily, but the more that I’m around my family and my extended family, the more I realize how wonderful they are! Today, two of my mom’s sisters and a few friends (whom we consider family) came over for a “sisters’ day,” and we spent the day making some lap quilts for some nursing home residents. It was just a nice way to spend time together.

And as we worked, thoughts of my grandmother, their mother, often came to us, the wonderful, thrifty lady who had made many generations of lap quilts for other nursing home residents. Dementia has now robbed her of the ability to do the simplest tasks, but she still has the appreciation for beauty and bright colors that enabled her to make such cheery works of creativity! We knew that she would approve of us, using up scraps to make beautiful things to share with those less fortunate, and we could almost hear her exclamations of delight as the colors came together in joyous patterns. The quilts that we made may have turned out as beautiful as those which she made. But her best masterpieces were the children whom she raised, the beautiful family that I am blessed to enjoy!

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