Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 20

The beautiful thing that I chose for Day 20 wasn’t so much beautiful, as intriguing. It was a bird nest, built on the very top of an extra tall telephone pole, the kind which carry high power lines. From the highway, the nest looked rather disheveled, like the head of someone needing a haircut. But I knew it had been built with great care—otherwise, how could it be balanced so precisely in such a precarious spot?

I got to thinking what it must be like for the baby birds when they hatch and begin to discover the world around them. Imagine looking out of your crib and discovering that there was seventy feet or so of clear air below you, and a 360 degree view of the horizon every time you opened your beady black eyes.

Somehow I feel like I can relate with the baby bird on his first expedition out of the nest. My first question would be how my untried wings would manage the distance between me and the ground. The next question would be—which part of the horizon to aim toward?

Oh, it’s a scary thing to be in such a big world—but it sure is a grand thing, too! And the birds have a fine idea, to raise their young in a home with only the sky for a roof and the horizon for walls, and God’s great lights to guide them.

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