Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 6

As I drove home from work tonight, a brilliant moon sent a cascade of milky light over the frozen winter landscape. There are few things that make me feel restful like the sight of moonlight upon snowy fields. I think part of the reason is that moonlight reduces the world to light and shadow, highlighting the most important features by reducing the distractions of color and detail and texture. During the day, the light causes your attention to be drawn to a thousand different details in the world around you, but at night, the darkness focuses your eye on the light itself.

Focus is a beautiful thing. Just now I glanced at something which suddenly brought a foolish old dream, neatly and purposefully tucked away, roaring to life again. Suddenly I felt rather inclined to mope, because the rainbow colors that always embellish our dreams are far more dazzling than the plain lights and shadows of real life. But then I realized that the work of my real life, the “next thing” that God has given me to do, is in itself a beautiful thing, lending focus and purpose to my life. It may not be dazzling, but at least it is substantial, and can have a lasting positive impact on the world around me. The fact that God has given it to me, instantly renders it value far beyond anything He hasn’t given me. So I can let go of the castles in the air, and focus instead on the brick and mortar that are in my hands, which have been given to me to build something beautiful to God’s glory.

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