Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 3

Day 3

Today was one of those unlovely March days, with a mix of snow, sleet, and rain drizzling all day to ruin our lovely snow and turn our roads into mysterious canals of slush and frozen ruts, full of slippery surprises.

There were two things especially that struck me as beautiful today. One was the face of a dear woman in her seventies, who has spent her life reaching out to children with the good news of Jesus Christ. Her face is wrinkled just the way I hope mine wrinkles some day, in a tracery of soft creases that fit beautifully with smile lines. It is a quiet face, with serious, penetrating, wonderfully loving eyes. She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness, is on her tongue. (Proverbs 31:26) I hope I’m like her when I grow up.

The other beautiful thing I saw was a set of red shutters. They were fine, new-looking shutters, a lovely brilliant hue of red, but they were especially beautiful because they were on a rather run-down trailer home. They were like a happy chuckle from someone who is making the best of a less than ideal situation, and doesn’t see any reason to feel sorry for himself. If I live in a trailer home someday, I should like to have red shutters.

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