Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 16

Day 16 was another wonderful day spent with those I love but never get to see enough! So there are many beautiful things I could write about.

But I only have a minute to write, and so I thought I'd tell you about one beautiful thing, which, although I only caught a passing glance at it, filled my heart with wonder. It was quite a grey, cloudy day, with all those faded greens, yellows, and browns that are associated with soggy days in March. But as we were driving, my attention was jerked to a lawn by the side of the road, that was absolutely covered in brilliant blue. It was full of some small, blue flower that was just blooming its heart out despite the sodden condition of the world. The contrast was so dramatic that it looked like the difference between a black and white photograph, and one in color. I was amazed, and just thankful to the Lord for making such a variety of flowers that fill our year with such beauty!

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