Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 26

Well, it’s only mid-day, but I’m already fervently enjoying the beautiful thing for today—health! The last few days I was doing a sort of internal spring cleaning, a detox program which, although it no doubt flushed some toxins out of me, seemed to take most of energy too! I spent a couple days dragging myself around and marveling at how any good attitude I had cultivated evaporated when I felt the least bit nauseous. So it certainly gave me a much greater appreciation for what so many people suffer from chronic problems. And, from the perspective of a nurse, I now understand better why people with comparatively minor afflictions don’t really care that it could be a whole lot worse—any personal affliction feels like an emergency!

At any rate, after nearly fainting this morning, I decided that the health cleanse had stopped being healthy, and eased myself back into eating normal food. And wow! Do I feel great! It’s wonderful to have energy to wash the dishes, bake bread, and do the things of normal life! I might even get out of my pajamas sometime soon. =)

So this brief experience of minor suffering has certainly helped me to appreciate my normal abundance of health and vigor. I might add that it has also increased my already high esteem of my mom, who not only put up with my moaning and complaining, but is still on the cleanse herself! This generation clearly has a few things to learn from the previous one! =)

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