Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7

Well, my beautiful thing for today is actually something that I enjoy most every day that I work, but today seemed an especially good day to mention it. My Mom, always thoughtful, has taken to unlocking one of the doors and turning the light on for me as a signal when I come home, and at the same time she lets the dog out to greet me. It’s a little thing (it means I save all of 5 seconds fumbling for my key), but it’s a little gesture of love that I look forward to every time I drive up the driveway coming home from work. And by letting the dog out, she ensures that my welcome home begins well before she lays eyes on me. There’s something so heart-warming about being enthusiastically greeted—and the dog is such a good example of love and delight. Saying hello to people never gets old for him—especially for the people whom he sees the most, which is the opposite of how we humans tend to be.

So it’s a very beautiful sight to me to see the light go on, and to see the furry little fellow tearing out to see me. Often he greets me right at my car door, his lips pulled back in a “smile” (you’d think it was a snarl if you didn’t know better), and his tail wagging as though it’s about to be disassociated from his body. But even that’s not as good as my parents’ welcome. I come home from taking care of people who have suffered abuse, neglect, and many other forms of lovelessness, and realize that my life has just been crammed with people who love me. And above all that—indeed, as the source of all that—is the love of God, unchanging, perfect, and forever! I am one awfully blessed young woman!

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