Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 24

Today was a bit more of a difficult day for finding beautiful things (at least things that I hadn’t already written about.) I wasn’t feeling the greatest, and it’s amazing how even a minor dip in health makes the world seem like a darker place. It sure gives me greater sympathy for those who live continually with poor health!

Anyway, as I was trying to accomplish something productive, I got distracted by watching the screensaver on my computer, which is a slideshow of my pictures from the past several years. As I watched the random progression of photos, I marveled at how many beautiful places I’ve been, how many beautiful people I’ve met, how many beautiful experiences I’ve enjoyed. Every one of the pictures represented a beautiful moment in my life, from the photos of mountain ranges to the picture of a fish that my brother and a friend caught, ready for the frying pan. There are pictures from New England, Kentucky, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico, faces of every age and color, but they all bear the signature of God. They are all things that He created, friendships He formed, richness that He infused into my life. I surely am blessed!

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