Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 25

Today I saw a strong man weep for the sake of those who are still far from Christ. That was a beautiful thing, a glimpse of the Savior’s own heart.

There is only one thing more tragic than to have never heard of the only Source of perfect love, and joy, and peace. That is, having heard, to reject Him.

Or perhaps, having known and believed and enjoyed Him, to go on without a tear for the millions who are still living without hope. Do not judge the Savior by the coldness of many of us who are His followers. He shed not only tears, but His very blood, so that His enemies could be forgiven. If we fail to do the same, it only proves the matchlessness of His love, in saving those so unworthy of Him. And it means that we have a very long way to go in becoming like our Master.

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  1. this is very powerful, Rachel, and my favorite thus far of your 'beautiful thing-a-day' posts..
    I can't tell you how your blog entries always impact me in a positive way and encourage me forward~ thank you, dear girl~ xoxox
    love, Cindy